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Release Information:

AirWave 7.5


Aruba Networks is pleased to announce the availability of AirWave version 7.5. If you are interested in technical training, we have training opportunities available.

- Backup: Before upgrading, save a copy of your most recent AMP backup in a secure location off of your AMP server. Backups can be downloaded from the System -> Backups page or on the command line from /var/airwave-backup.
- Aruba Support Portal: AirWave 7.5 Command Line Upgrade Utility (start_amp_upgrade) checks for software updates on support.arubanetworks.com Contact support to get access to the Aruba support portal. You can also register online
- Upgrade times: The upgrade process could take up to several hours depending on the database size. You should run the upgrade in a screen session .
- 64-bit OS: AirWave 7.5 is only available in a 64-bit version.


- Authentication with LDAP - use LDAP to authenticate AMP Users
- Authentication Priority - Choose remote vs local priority for AMP Users
- Recurring Config Changes - schedule device config changes to be recurring (such as radio disable)
- New and Enhanced Triggers and Trigger Conditions - Suppress alerts if the Upstream Device is Down || Noise Floor Triggers
- MAC Address Search Enhancements - search with/withou multiple delimiter types and substring matches
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Instructions for Upgrading to AirWave 7.5:

1. Login to the AMP server as the root user
2. Run the Upgrade Utility with the desired version
# screen
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.5.3

If your AMP cannot access the internet:

1. Download the AMP 7.5 upgrade package.
3. Copy the file to the AMP's /root directory using WinSCP
4. On the AMP run the Upgrade Utility with the desired version
# screen
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.5.3

Click here to download 7.5 64-bit upgrade package »