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Release Information:

AWMS 7.0


AirWave Customer,

Aruba Networks is pleased to announce the availability of AirWave Wireless Management Suite version 7.0. If you're new to using AWMS and are interested in technical training, we have training opportunities available.

- Backup: Before upgrading, save a copy of your most recent AWMS backup in a secure location off of your AMP server. Backups can be downloaded from the System -> Backups page or on the command line from /var/airwave-backup.
- Longer Upgrade: This upgrade is expected to take longer than previous upgrades due to RRD migration.
- Hardware: There is an increased disk space requirement for RRD migration which will be checked during upgrade. You can view the updated hardware requirements here.
- AOS 5.0: If you were running AOS 5.0 prior to upgrade, you may need to re-import your settings to alleviate mismatches.
- VisualRF: It is important to verify the status of your VisualRF application before upgrading to 7.0. See our Knowledge Base article for more information. This is especially important if you are upgrading on a production server.


- Wireline Management
- Customized Reporting and Personalized Dashboard
- Increased Granularity of Graphical Data
- RAPIDS - Containment Managed on Cisco and Aruba Devices
- Mobile Device Manager
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Instructions for Upgrading to AWMS 7.0:

1. Login to the AMP server as the root user.
2. Run the Upgrade Utility with the desired version
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.0.11

If your AMP cannot access the internet:

1. Download AMP 7.0
2. Copy the file to the AMP's /root directory using WinSCP
3. On the AMP run the Upgrade Utility with the desired version
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.0.11

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